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Compartiendo experiencias entre España y Escocia: multidisciplinariedad y difusión pública (Sharing experiences between Spain and Scotland)

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Jose Miguel Carrasco

José Miguel Carrasco (Sociologist and PhD in Public Health), is a Spanish researcher from ATLANTES research programme (University of Navarra, Spain). He visited us recently at the University of Glasgow’s campus in Dumfries, Scotland with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge, and working together on issues which relate to both our research groups. In… Continue reading

Patient-centered outcomes research in palliative care – by Thomas J Lynch

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Dr Thomas J Lynch of Johns Hopkins University asks whether at the ‘end’ there is any ‘point’? I left the North-West of England for the Eastern Seaboard of the United States of America almost 18 months ago to take a position at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Since my arrival in the USA, I have… Continue reading

Palliative care ‘declarations’: developing a case study

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Recent weeks have been exciting ones for the international palliative care community. The 14th World Congress of the European Association of Palliative Care was held in Copenhagen from 8 – 10 May 2015 and the 4th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference took place in Bristol  from 11th – 16th May 2015. We at… Continue reading

Reflections on the 4th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference

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Bristol city centre

What puts the ‘public’ in public health palliative care? A flurry of men and women with name badges and conference bags over their shoulders could be seen in the corridor of the Bristol Marriot Hotel at the start of the 4th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference. I found myself an empty seat in… Continue reading

Challenges of studying end of life care in the global context

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Dr Shahaduz Zaman

Studying end of life care in the global context poses particular challenges due to the diversity of cultural meanings and expectations surrounding death and dying in different global settings. With culturally specific ideas of the ‘good death’ and ‘bad death’, ‘end of life’ becomes a fascinating topic for me as an anthropologist. In a palliative… Continue reading

Discovering palliative care in Kerala by Athira Unni

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Read this great account from a student who spent time this summer in the Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kerala. Huge thanks to Athira Unni for allowing us to post this piece from her own blog, which can be found at: And thanks to Suresh Kumar for making the introduction.   This summer I met… Continue reading

Cicely Saunders, the 1960s and the USA – by David Clark

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Modern activists in palliative and end of life care work increasingly in a global context, where international links and collaborations have been become a regular feature of day to day activity. But it was not always the case. The early pioneers lived in an era before the internet and instant electronic communication. It is interesting… Continue reading