Dr Suresh Kumar pays tribute to a friend of the same name

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We don’t often post pieces of this kind on our blog, but I was so struck by the simplicity of this tribute when I read it, that I asked its writer if we could post it here. Dr Suresh Kumar, a good friend to our group and active collaborator, is well known for his work in championing community palliative care in Kerala, India, and far beyond. Here he wrotes of another Suresh Kumar, whom he first knew when they were medical students together.

” One of the two Suresh Kumars of 24th batch Medicos, Calicut Medical College. We were in the same batch and also shared the same name and initials. Unlike me, he has always been a quiet person. Old Malayalam movie songs were his passion.

Dr Suresh Kumar, who died on 29 June 2019

Diagnosed to have advanced cancer a couple of years ago, but continued to work till last month, even while on chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Last few weeks, he has been under our home care unit’s care. Faced terminal illness and death calmly and gracefully.

We together made the care plan for him. He was clear about what he wanted and what he did not.

He was drifting in and out of consciousness last couple of days. Was lucid when I met him at home last night. Talked clearly, reviewed and approved my plans for terminal care and slipped back to sleep.

He died peacefully early morning today.

Someone who lived well and died well . It was a privilege to know him”.

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  1. Thanks a lot for posting this tribute to our brave friend and classmate Suresh Kumar. He had set an example to all of us, to have the inevitable bravely and and accepting it totally. He never craved for sympathy. Even when he had the malignancy which could be detected very late, and was started on chemo he was more concerned of our comforts and acted a great host when we went to meet him.
    Death is inevitable for all, but to die gracefully and proudly, our Sura is our own model.

  2. A man who walk the talk, an example of real love ,he taught us what is life and how brave and smooth we should lead it. I am so lucky to get a spiritual Guru in my life.

  3. Untimely death of a noble soul. He should have lived for long to serve the mankind. It is beyond our understanding as to why the Almighty God calls back noble souls too early to his abode!!

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