Podcast: Helle Timm and David Clark on mapping palliative care

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Professor David Clark and Professor Helle Tim (L-R)

In this conversation Professors Helle Timm and David Clark talk about the purpose and the challenges of mapping palliative care at a global and a European level, and on a more local basis in Denmark and in Scotland.


Helle Timm is a cultural sociologist and is Professor of Palliative Care at the Videncenter for Rehabilitering og Palliation (REHPA), the Danish knowledge centre for rehabilitation and palliative care in Nyborg. Helle’s team at REHPA has carried out extensive palliative care mapping across Denmark and provided Danish data for the European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC) Atlas of Palliative Care.

David Clark is Professor of Medical Sociology at the University of Glasgow. He founded the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group and is Principal Investigator on the Wellcome Trust funded project Global Interventions at the End of Life, based at the University of Glasgow’s campus in Dumfries. He has been involved in the development of palliative care mapping at a European and a world level, and led the production of the 2016 Scottish Atlas of Palliative Care.

During this conversation Helle and David mention:

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