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Open access to ‘Watch with Me’ by Cicely Saunders

Published on: Author: David Clark 17 Comments
Cicely Saunders in 2005 by David Clark

I was delighted by the interest in Watch with Me following my recent post and set out to find a pdf of the 2005 version. Fortunately it was still there on an old laptop. So here it is:   Watch with Me full text 2005 (PDF)  along with  Watch with Me cover details 2005 (PDF)… Continue reading

Cicely Saunders and ‘Watch with Me’

Published on: Author: David Clark 7 Comments
Book cover English edition

Last week I gave a lecture at the University of Navarra on the life, the work and the legacy of Cicely Saunders.   The lecture focused in particular on the religious and spiritual  journey that Cicely Saunders made over a personal and professional lifetime and how it paralleled her work in hospice and palliative care. I… Continue reading