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A public launch for the Scottish Atlas of Palliative Care

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detail from the Scottish Atlas of Palliative Care

The first national atlas of palliative care in the world, the Scottish Atlas of Palliative Care, received considerable attention on the day it was launched. On Thursday 22 September 2016 I travelled to the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, to launch the Scottish Atlas at the annual conference of the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care. Everyone at… Continue reading

How would you like to die? My piece in this week’s ‘Discover Society’

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Hands older and younger

Have you ever considered how you might like to die? You may have made a will, but do you have an advance care plan stating your wishes and preferences for when your life comes to an end? You may have a ‘bucket list’ of things you want to do before you die, but where and… Continue reading

Open access to ‘Watch with Me’ by Cicely Saunders

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Cicely Saunders in 2005 by David Clark

I was delighted by the interest in Watch with Me following my recent post and set out to find a pdf of the 2005 version. Fortunately it was still there on an old laptop. So here it is:   Watch with Me full text 2005 (PDF)  along with  Watch with Me cover details 2005 (PDF)… Continue reading