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  1. Dear Naomi
    I have just found your email and wish to record my interest in your appointment and your interest in Death cafes.
    If/when you are having one in Dumfries area, I am interested.

    Margaret Dobie (87)

  2. Hi Naomi, we met at a FATE conference in London a couple of years ago. (I have also referenced your study on motivation of FATE membership in my PhD!) I have been co-facilitating a Death Cafe Hampstead with Josefine Speyer and we collected data in the form of feedback forms from participants over a 9 month period that detailed demographics, motivation for attending, what they gained etc. I have data statistics /responses and an outline for a paper that I will be finishing in February- due to submit my PhD end January so it is on hold until then but do contact me if you are interested in writing something together!


    • Hi Sharon

      Your research – PhD topic and Death Cafe – sounds interesting, thanks for getting in touch. I have written some other articles on the ‘right-to-die’ which might also be interesting for your study – I’ll email you a couple which aren’t open access. My death cafe research won’t start until 2017, so maybe I could interview you and Josefine at some point about your experiences hosting them?

      Best of luck submitting your PhD


  3. In Totnes, Devon, we have been running one for the past 4 years : the original has stopped but another one -run by a (closed) spiritual group has
    come in it’s place. I am sorely missing
    this in my life. Recently it was a wonderful support to us all when one of our members died.A beautiful death in the way she wanted with us all around her after death. We also had a group
    come to talk to us about ADA (Advanced Decisions Assistance) & the crucial importance of LPAs (Lasting Power of Attorney) both in relation to our Wills & the Care of our Health at End of Life

    • Hi Fiona

      Thank you for sharing your experiences of your own death cafe and the support it offered people. I will hopefully be in touch in the new year when I begin my research proper to find out more about your experiences. Thanks for getting in touch.


  4. Naomi,

    Have you considered getting IRB approval to study Death Cafes formally? I have been hosting them since 2014, I think there are several themes that could be rich for study, although I’m not sure the Death Cafe folks would like it (?).


    Justin A Magnuson

    • Hi Justin

      I will be seeking institutional approval for the study next year. I would be very interested to hear more about your experiences running death cafes and the ‘themes’ you have identified. I will email you separately to start up a conversation.

      Thanks for getting in touch


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