Death Writes “Images”: Exploring Death & Dying Through Visual Imagery

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Through an interdisciplinary Arts Lab on Reading and Writing Death and Dying, Dr Elizabeth Reeder, Dr Naomi Richards, and Amy Shea are running a half-day symposium on Wednesday 22nd January 2020, 1-5pm, at the Women’s Library in Glasgow. The symposium is open to 40 people and will comprise various writing workshops responding to imagery and visual representations of mortality.

There will be a plenary presentation from photographer Celine Marchbank who published a photobook “Tulip” in 2016 documenting her mother’s final months of life.

This is the group’s second symposium, following a successful first symposium in May 2019 attended by over 50 people:

In Death Writes: Images we look to visual imagery of death, dying and grief as a catalyst for more thinking and writing about ‘the inevitable’. 

We would like to host a group of participants who are practitioners, researchers, thinkers, artists, writers and makers of various kinds who are already engaged with the theme of death, dying and bereavement and are looking to create work on this theme. Attendees will have an opportunity to engage in discussions and writing practice specifically in response to visual imagery. 

If you would like to register to take part in the event, please do so on our Eventbrite page here:

About Us:

We are an interdisciplinary Arts Lab hosted by the University of Glasgow. Our aim is to hone critical and creative skills on the universal topic of death, dying and bereavement. We launched in 2019 to build a community of thinkers, writers, practitioners and makers who are interested in this subject and who want to generate collaborations across disciplines and contexts. 

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