MSc End of Life Studies students from around the world visit the Dumfries Campus

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By Roz Sunley, End of Life Studies MSc Student Why did postgraduate students from the University of Glasgow travel thousands of miles in early June 2022 to spend a few days at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies in Dumfries? It all began when one student from the End-of-Life Studies Programme announced her intention to visit… Continue reading

Death and Design Part 2: Workshopping End of Life Interventions

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This blog was written by Prof. Bruce Tharp who is a visiting Fulbright scholar with the Glasgow School of Art and the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group. Two distinct but complimentary communities met in downtown Glasgow on May 26th 2022 for a second fruitful collaboration: Death and Design: Workshopping End of Life Interventions. Bringing crucial… Continue reading

Public talk: Bringing the Value of Death Back into Life, with Dr Seamus O’Mahoney

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Does death have value? That’s the question framing the recent Lancet Commission Report on the ‘Value of Death’, and which will be discussed at a free public event at the Crichton Campus in Dumfries, June 7th from 4:00-6:00pm. The conversation will be led by Dr Seamus O’Mahoney, a prize-winning writer and one of the primary… Continue reading

The continuing relevance of total pain in the 21st Century: Call for contributors

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The recent Lancet Commission into the Value of Death reports endemic suffering at the end of life in both global North and South countries and calls for the further expansion of holistic philosophies and practices of end of life care. Here at the End of Life Studies Group, we believe that one way to do… Continue reading

The Equity Turn in Palliative and End of Life Research

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In a new article published in March 2022 as part of our Dying in the Margins study, I examine the recent ‘equity turn’ in palliative care and death studies research[1]. My central argument is that equity-focused research needs to be conceptually and theoretically informed, grounded in work which has a long pedigree in poverty and… Continue reading

Death Writes – Call for Scotland-based Writers to Join RSE Network

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DeathWrites today, January 31st 2022, launches its Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) funded Network. The Network is called COVID 19 as Catalyst for Writing and Discussing Death, Dying and Grief through Objects, Diaries and Collective Archives and runs from January 2022-January 2024. The project is run by Dr Elizabeth Reeder, Dr Naomi Richards, and Dr Amy… Continue reading

Death Writes Team Wins Royal Society of Edinburgh Grant

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Dr Elizabeth Reeder, Dr Naomi Richards and Dr Amy Shea of the University of Glasgow have been a awarded a Research Network Grant (2022-24) by the prestigious Royal Society of Edinburgh to continue their work on Death Writes/ Reading & Writing Death & Dying. The grant is called COVID as Catalyst for Writing and Discussing Death, Dying… Continue reading