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Affective and Ethical Tightropes of Witnessing – Highlights from our PhD Workshop

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One of Dame Cicely Saunders’ most enduring legacies is the importance of being present, of witnessing, at the end of life. Academic witnessing at the margins of life and death can require balancing an intense intimacy with simultaneously gaining enough distance to ‘see’ significant or representative broader concepts. What does this mean for us as… Continue reading

Being human in the face of ‘personalisation’, and what that means when we come to the end of our lives

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Jackie Kandsberger on the University of Glasgow Dumfries Campus

All over the USA people are crying out that we have lost the ability to communicate with our fellow man, that words no longer even have the same meaning to each of us in our polarised society. Brexit, Trump … slowly the eyes of the world are turning to the next western elections: France, then Germany. When… Continue reading

Why we should speak about advance care planning

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Jacqueline Kandsberger

It is never too early for you to find the time to relay your wishes about what you would like to have happen at the end of your life, invites Reverend Eric J Hall in his article Health Care Decision Day: A Multi-faith Message for Spiritual Leaders and Communities for the New York Academy of Medicine in relation… Continue reading