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The ‘P’ Word. Difficulties Talking about Poverty at the End of Life

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Front cover of the Money Matters at the end of life resource.

The aim of the Dying in the Margins research project has been to explore how socio-economic circumstances shape end-of-life experiences. Open conversations about financial hardship are important, and increasingly so in the context of rising poverty rates due to inflation and the cost of living crisis. Yet, throughout our study, we observed that there can… Continue reading

Lone dying in hospitals – Development of a student project: an interview with Carla Brooke, CNS

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The following is an edited transcript of a conversation between Dr Marian Krawczyk and Carla Booke, CNS who is an MSc student in the End of the Life Studies Programme at the University of Glasgow and is currently conducting research for her final dissertation project. You can find out more about her experiences in the… Continue reading

Connecting total pain and the gut microbiome

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“Total pain” is the term used within hospice, palliative, and end-of-life care to describe pain which is complex and overwhelming, and which encompasses physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. It is an attempt to encapsulate experiences of suffering that are unique to advancing life-limiting illness, the end of life, and dying. The term was first… Continue reading

DeathWrites: Writing Truth Through Fiction

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This blog piece was written by Charlotte Luke, a writer from Inverness, who is also part of the RSE-funded DeathWrites network of 30 Scotland-based writers. Last year, around 8 months after my dad died in a hillwalking accident, I heard about the DeathWrites Network, a group of writers tackling the subjects of death, dying and… Continue reading

Paddleton: A Film Review

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This review was written by Kelly Oberle and Jennifer Rigal, both students on the End of Life Studies MSc programme at the University of Glasgow. In the fall of 2021, as students on the Assisted Dying: Rhetorics and Reality module in the End of Life Studies MSc program at the University of Glasgow, we were… Continue reading

Contextualizing the death of Queen Elizabeth II

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On 8th September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In the weeks that have followed, there has been debate on what can be learnt from the Queen’s death, her funeral, and the famous queue. In a Twitter thread with over 2 million engagements, Dr Kathryn Mannix (@drkathrynmannix), a palliative care… Continue reading

Reporting on the First International End-of-Life Doula Symposium

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This blog provides a brief overview of the International End-of-Life Doula Symposium and a link to the Symposium’s summary report. This virtual symposium was held over three days on April 25-27th 2022 and was a co-produced effort between academic researchers, End-of-Life Doulas, and graduate students in our End of Life Studies programme [1]. It was… Continue reading

Anatomy – A Matter of Death and Life: An Exhibition Review

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Michael Hannah, End of Life Studies Student, Reviews the Anatomy Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. The Exhibition runs from 2 July -30 October 2022. August in Edinburgh is festival time and with so much going on, an exhibition on the history of anatomy may not seem the most appealing way to spend an… Continue reading